Meet The Staff
Roger Bouchard - Host of Upfront and Daybreak Southern New England
Larry Poitras - Host of Prime Time Talk and Saturday Soapbox
John Dionne - Host of The John Dionne Show
Connie Lemonde - Host of Accentuate The Positive
Lisa Carcifero - Host of Spotlight On Prevention
Wayne Barber - Host of Race Chatter, Author's Hour, Outdoor Scene
John DePetro
/ Author's Hour
Terry Turner - Host of Oldies Tonight
Rachel A. Baboian, Au. D. - Host of Hear For You
Joe Gallant - Host of The Joe Show
Sandra Miller - Host of Shekinah Worship Center Inspirational Hour
Roger Laliberte - Host of L'Echo Musical
"Polka" Paul Belanger - Host of The Polka Paul Show
Joe Luca - Host of The Joe Luca Show
Mark L. Smith - Host of Focus On Law
Jack Rivers - Host of Doo Wop Saturday Night